Kenny Zhang
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Kenny Zhang

Kenny Zhang

  • OPPO

What do you do?

It’s challenging and meaningful to work as DPO of OPPO. Our vision for data and privacy compliance is more about respecting user privacy than fulfilling legal requirements. We focus on gaining users’ trust, but it is very complex to do so as users from different cultures may have very different privacy expectations.

Why data?

The coming of the Big Data Era gives new connotations to privacy and data protection laws. Together with many pioneers, I have a part to play in exploring how to construct a new order in the new era, and helping the data field to realse the transformation. It’s exciting and honorable to join this field and contribute to the construction of a new map of data laws.

What’s keeping you busy?

With the further expansion of OPPO’s global market, I share the view that data protection is not a mere legal issue: consumers’ perception about how well a company protects their personal data and respect their privacy matters the most. We are continuously updating OPPO privacy compliance management system based on our own compliance practices and under the guidance of the advanced international management system and the external insights regarding the active legislation and law enforcement activities around the world.

What mentors or other influential figures have helped you get where you are today?

My mentor in my first job had the greatest influence on me. He shaped my thinking about professionalism and attitude to working. He made me always pay attention to details, and analyse the nature of problems before solving them. Thanks to him, I was well trained to solve problems, and that ability has been recognised throughout every period of my working experiences. Work attitudes formed at the beginning of my career, such as how to collaborate with colleagues, how to implement leadership requirements and identify with the company's culture have also had a profound impact on me.

If you could change one data-related law, how and why would you change it?

There is currently no national law for the protection of personal information in China. I hope personal data protection law can be promulgated as soon as possible with implementing regulations to give industries and companies more specific guidance.

How has covid-19 affected what you do?

The global coronavirus pandemic brings several challenges to data protection compliance work. We made lots of effort to ensure measures were in place to manage the cybersecurity challenges of home working, and process data subject requests while balancing regulatory requirements and mitigate the privacy impact on employees.

What’s the next big thing – what data opportunities are companies now looking at?

In the past period of time, we were focusing mainly on laying the compliance foundation of privacy and data protection. In the next level, we will concentrate on building up the security and privacy competitiveness of our products to establish emotional ties with users to provide the ultimate experience of privacy protection.

What’s keeping companies worried at the moment – what are some key data risks?

The restriction of data localisation and cross-border transfer requirements have created increasing uncertainty. More and more data localisation requirements will make the free of data flow much more difficult.

What do you do to relax?

When not working, I spend most of my time with my family. Playing Lego with my sons is the pressure killer. I also like jogging with colleagues and friends to stay healthy. I am also a football fan and my favourite team is Manchester United.

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