Sonia Cissé
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Sonia Cissé

Sonia Cissé

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What do you do?

I’m a tech and privacy lawyer, which means that I advise my clients in anything related to the use of technologies (software, outsourcing, AI, blockchain, telecoms, etc.) as well as data governance and compliance.

Why data?

I just fell in love with this specialty. I found amazing to be a lawyer who can understand and translate technologies and data into legal terms – or the other way around.

What’s keeping you busy?

Many things but I’ll mention two of them. I’m currently working on a very interesting cybersecurity matter as well as advising on an innovative targeted advertisement project.

What mentors or other influential figures have helped you get where you are today?

I would definitely not be where I am today without the best associates in the world – my team (former and present): Jean Fau, Bastien Husson and Julia Loiseau. They taught me and keep teaching me so much (and not only on data protection). Huge thanks to them from the bottom of my heart!

If you could change one data-related law, how and why would you change it?

I would not change one particular law. I would just consolidate and update all the French law data-related stipulations into one single act and not have them scattered everywhere (French data protection act and the related application decrees, French code of post and telecommunications, French Criminal code, etc).

How has covid-19 affected what you do?

Luckily, it has not affected what I do so much. We were flexible even before covid-19. But it has definitely put tech and privacy under an even bigger spotlight.

What’s the next big thing – what data opportunities are companies now looking at?

I think that companies are now perfectly aware that data is gold and they are trying to make the best of it, so there are many data governance and digitalisation projects going on.

What’s keeping companies worried at the moment – what are some key data risks

Cybersecurity is a greater focus for companies now. The covid-19 outbreak and the generalised remote working has resulted in an intensification of cyberattacks. Big and small companies, administrations even hospitals are now aware that they can be targeted.

What do you do to relax?

I spend time with my family and friends (and spend an awful amount of time trying – but failing miserably - to win over my 5 year-old son to spinners). I also work out, run and read books.

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