Kelly Hagedorn
United Kingdom
  • PositionPartner
  • FirmJenner & Block
  • Age37
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Kelly Hagedorn

Kelly Hagedorn

United Kingdom
  • Position: Partner
  • Firm: Jenner & Block
  • Age: 37

What do you do?

There are two aspects to what I do as regards data: compliance and investigations. The first covers the all of the steps that clients need to take to become compliant with data protection law, from data mapping and scoping through to policies, procedures and training of employees. The second covers both investigations into data breaches or misuse and also the implications of data protection legislation on investigations more generally.

What drew you to your area of practice?

I really wanted to try something new. I have worked in the white-collar space for my whole career, and data protection has been something that has always hovered on the periphery. The GDPR seemed like a good opportunity to get involved.

Influences and mentors?

I worked for a long time with Antony Dutton, both at Norton Rose and Dechert. He pushed me to see that I was actually not too bad at this job, and that I could be a partner if that was what I wanted to do. Since arriving at Jenner & Block, I’ve been able to work with brilliant people who are too numerous to name, but I will single out Nancy Libin in our DC office, who introduced me to data law and appears to have infinite patience for my questions, and Christine Braamskamp and Peter Pope here in London, who keep me amused and educate me in the dark arts of white-collar crime in equal measure.

What’s everyone talking about?

Two things: the first is privilege, and how the ENRC case will play out. This is hugely important to lawyers working in investigations of all types and has the potential to change the way internal investigations are conducted. The second is exactly what, in practice rather than in theory, the impact of the GDPR on investigations will be – particularly when the US authorities are involved and want access to data.

Favourite restaurant?

I have too many to list, but I am a big fan of both the Begging Bowl and Ganapati in Peckham. I do like to be able to waddle home after a meal.