Topic: Disputes

ByteDance video editing app CapCut sued over alleged data misuse

CapCut users have filed a class action suit claiming the app shared their biometric and other personal data without their consent to unauthorised third parties – including the Chinese government.

03 August 2023

Judge certifies class in Thomson Reuters data selling suit

A San Francisco federal judge has certified a class of Californians who claim Thomson Reuters’ CLEAR database collected and sold their personal information without their consent.

02 August 2023

Twitter sues NGO over data scraping

The company formerly known as Twitter has accused the Center for Countering Digital Hate of directly scraping data and accessing a secure database without authorisation.

02 August 2023

Instagram to pay $68.5 million BIPA settlement

Instagram has agreed to pay $68.5 million to settle a Biometric Information Privacy Act class action in Illinois.

31 July 2023

Meta says Pixel isn’t responsible for alleged tax-filing data misuse

Meta has argued that it is not responsible for tax preparation websites’ alleged use of its Pixel tracking cookie to share users’ financial data without permission.

31 July 2023

Meta agrees ACCC settlement

A court has ordered Meta to pay a A$20 million (€12.2 million) fine after the company agreed that two of its subsidiaries violated Australian consumer law.

27 July 2023

Twitter sues over unauthorised scraping

The platform formerly known as Twitter has alleged that Israel- and New York-based Bright Data built an “illicit” data-scraping business off its user records.

27 July 2023

Cisco ruling increases risk for software companies

A recent Ninth Circuit ruling reviving allegations that Cisco aided and abetted torture in China increases the risk that software companies will be held liable for their government clients’ actions.

26 July 2023

SEC to receive Covington hacked client information

A district court has ordered Covington & Burling to send the US Securities and Exchange Commission the identity of seven clients whose information may have been accessed in a cyberattack.

25 July 2023

OpenAI resists ChatGPT inaccuracy lawsuit

OpenAI has sought to dismiss allegations that ChatGPT libelled a talk show host, stressing that the chatbot’s inaccurate output cannot be considered defamatory.

25 July 2023

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