Topic: IOT

Google seeks to dismiss Texas AG biometric lawsuit

Google has argued that a Texas attorney general lawsuit contains an incorrect and overly burdensome interpretation of the state's biometric data statute.

03 January 2023

Commission flags IOT competition concerns

The European Commission has flagged concerns over the competition advantages gained by the first movers in the Internet of Things due to the treasure trove of data they have managed to collect ahead of newer rivals.

25 January 2022

EU lawmakers push for more data focus in competition review

A key European Parliament committee is pushing for greater consideration of data issues in antitrust.

10 January 2022

Brazil mandates internet equipment security by design

Brazil’s telecommunications regulator has issued requirements for the country’s internet infrastructure to have built-in security features aimed at thwarting cyberattacks.

22 January 2021

US Congress passes IOT security legislation

A US bill that sets cybersecurity standards for IOT devices used by the federal government could also affect private sector security programmes.

19 November 2020

German competition regulator calls for smart TV data overhaul

Following a report criticising smart TV data collection, Germany’s antitrust authority has proposed extensive reform to the industry’s practices.

21 July 2020

Examining the post-covid relationship between cities and data

Herbert Smith Freehills partner Miriam Everett and associate Chloe Kite assess the way in which data collection and data-driven technologies, accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, might change the way cities function.

02 July 2020

Big data continues to shine during market rally

Big data has continued to outperform most other industries as markets rally from their March and April lows, with the cloud computing and cybersecurity sectors leading the way with double-digit gains on the year.

27 May 2020

GDPR Roundup: Privacy fines, cooperation penalty and IOT crackdown

GDR’s latest news roundup from European regulators includes data breaches, questions about data collected by connected cars and the imposition of fines for blocking investigations.

07 April 2020

EU considers forced data sharing

The European Commission may boost compulsory corporate data sharing, in a move aimed to encourage the use and re-use of data across the bloc.

19 February 2020

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