Topic: IOT

Ericsson pivots to data strategy for network maintenance

Telecommunications giant Ericsson has launched a series of predictive maintenance products that take advantage of its large datasets – and set out its ambition to be a “data-driven” service provider.

19 February 2020

Fitness and data: the new frontier?

Equator marketing and innovation director Martin Jordan explores the implications of the Google/Fitbit deal.

11 December 2019

Google acquires 28 million users’ data in Fitbit deal

Google’s acquisition of health tracker company Fitbit has come with a promise that Google will not use Fitbit users’ health data for advertising purposes – but data nevertheless appears to be a main driver behind the deal.

05 November 2019

New UAE IOT regulation incorporates GDPR-like principles

The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s (TRA) new Internet of Things regulation includes data localisation requirements and incorporates elements of the GDPR, such as data minimisation.

10 July 2019

Amazon faces class action over Alexa voice data storage

Amazon is facing a class action lawsuit in Illinois after allegedly storing and processing data without permission.

05 July 2019

UK government proposes IOT security law

Proposed UK legislation would ban retailers from selling IOT products that have not been labelled as secure.

01 May 2019

Dealing with data in the internet of things

The IOT presents fresh challenges for lawyers and regulators alike.

20 December 2018

Trade groups back Chrysler in hacking class action

Several industry groups have come out in support of Fiat Chrysler, as it petitions the US Supreme Court to review certification of a class action linked to cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

30 October 2018

UK government releases IOT security code of practice

In a move praised by lawyers, the UK government has released a code of practice to help Internet of Things companies embed security into the design of their devices.

15 October 2018

California close to unprecedented IOT legislation

California is set to become the first US state to pass an IOT cybersecurity law, with observers split on claims it will spur wider federal legislation.

19 September 2018

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