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TikTok and other US online bans could create additional risk

Attempts to block access to TikTok and other online services pose significant corporate and consumer challenges that may heighten data privacy and cybersecurity risks.

26 May 2023

EDPB and European Commission officials defend the GDPR

Andrea Jelinek and Olivier Micol have rejected the criticism that the GDPR has failed, arguing that support from the European Data Protection Board and European Commission has allowed it to work as intended.

26 May 2023

Representative Actions Directive could help close public enforcement gap

Although questions on the assessment of damages, funding and its implementation remain open, consumer rights experts have said the Representative Actions Directive could provide individuals with a new avenue for redress.

26 May 2023

Special Report: Has the GDPR failed?

The EU's modern data protection framework is five years old. Was it a game changer or a flop?

25 May 2023

FTC to expand Health Breach Notification Rule

Proposed amendments to the Health Breach Notification Rule could strengthen a measure that has recently become a go-to enforcement tool in Federal Trade Commission health data cases.

24 May 2023

ICO independence worries MEPs

Brussels lawmakers have expressed concern that the UK’s data framework overhaul could undermine the ICO’s independence.

24 May 2023

Reynders confirms one-stop-shop harmonisation timeline

The European Commission aims to publish its proposal to reform the one-stop-shop process in the coming weeks, and to pass it “before the end of the current mandate.”

24 May 2023

TikTok lawsuit attacks Montana ban

TikTok has sued Montana to block the state’s decision to ban the app, arguing that the measures against it are unconstitutional and based on “unfounded speculation.”

23 May 2023

FTC’s biometric data warning: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 22 May 2023

The FTC to investigate risky biometric practices; DOJ goes after alleged international ransomware hacker; New York Times says the California Age Appropriate Design Code Act limits free speech.

22 May 2023

TikTok content creators sue Montana over app ban

Hours after Montana’s governor signed a bill banning TikTok usage in the state, local TikTok users claimed the law limits their free speech and oversteps federal authorities.

19 May 2023

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