Topic: Surveillance

Ninth Circuit deals NSO Group another blow

A US federal appeals court has blocked NSO Group’s foreign sovereignty immunity claims, paving the way for Facebook to move forward with its lawsuit against the company for allegedly hacking WhatsApp.

09 November 2021

US government sanctions NSO Group

The Department of Commerce has sanctioned Israeli firms NSO Group and Candiru on the grounds that they developed and supplied spyware used to maliciously target government officials, journalists, businesspeople, activists, academics, and embassy workers.

03 November 2021

Blackstone’s acquisition violated genetic data law, lawsuit claims users say they had no way to prevent investment management company Blackstone from collecting their genetic data following the announcement of last year’s acquisition.

02 November 2021

Latest BIPA action targets AWS

Amazon Web Services faces a class action lawsuit in its capacity as a cloud provider, with plaintiffs alleging it breached the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act by storing facial scans on behalf of a video game company.

01 November 2021

Researchers: Privacy legislation could stem the tide of disinformation

With the US government focused on tackling the spread of disinformation on social media platforms, academic researchers have suggested that privacy legislation would help towards that effort.

29 October 2021

Proton avoids Swiss retention rules

A Swiss court has ruled that privacy-centric Proton Mail is not a telecommunications provider and exempted it from the country’s data access and retention requirements.

28 October 2021

US FCC pulls telecoms licence over surveillance concerns

The Federal Communications Commission has ordered China Telecom to close its US business within 60 days, citing concerns that the Chinese Communist Party could use the state-owned company to access confidential data – and signalling that other companies will soon be in the firing line.

27 October 2021

Apple privacy changes bite into adtech earnings

Facebook and SnapChat have both attributed declines in revenue to new Apple features that give users more control over their data.

26 October 2021

California law enforcer sued for out-of-state data transfers

A lawsuit against the Marin County Sheriff’s Office shows the extent to which law enforcers disseminate licence plate data, revealing that one department shared such information with more than 600 other agencies.

18 October 2021

Lawsuit: Facebook overpaid on $5 billion settlement to shield Zuckerberg

A recent lawsuit from a public pension fund that invests in Facebook claims that the social media giant paid the US Federal Trade Commission $5 billion to settle the Cambridge Analytica scandal in order to shield its chief executive from liability.

23 September 2021

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