Work Area: Competition & Antitrust

Meta predicts low take-up if UK class damages awarded

Meta’s counsel has said claimants would take up little of the “very small” per capita damages that might be awarded if a UK antitrust class action succeeds.

01 February 2023

Scott+Scott partners leave to form new litigation firm

A managing partner and the head of Scott+Scott’s Dutch antitrust litigation department have left the firm to found Lindenbaum, a new specialist plaintiff-side litigation firm.

01 February 2023

Meta: “Onerous” antitrust class action should not be certified

Counsel to Meta has said it is unclear how a £2.3 billion (€2.6 billion) proposed class action would be tried and urged the UK’s Competition Appeals Tribunal to refuse certification.

31 January 2023

Google data processing targeted by German regulator

Germany’s antitrust regulator plans to force Google to adjust its data processing terms so users are given more choice over how the company harvests their information to leverage its market power across several digital sectors.

11 January 2023

Italy probes Telecom Italia over access to data complaint

Italy’s Competition Authority is considering forcing Telecom Italia to hand over key mobile coverage data to rivals as it probes if the company abused its dominance by blocking competitors from a government tender.

06 January 2023

Digital Markets Unit sees light at the end of the tunnel

The UK’s long-awaited Digital Markets Unit is looking at leveraging its forthcoming powers against tech gatekeepers, echoing the powers recently enacted in the EU under the Digital Markets Act.

15 December 2022

Competition and data privacy converge in France

The French data regulator is pushing for closer ties with the competition authority, and has tasked Bruno Lasserre, its renowned former head, to suggest concrete proposals for bringing the two areas of enforcement into greater alignment.

05 December 2022

Meta agrees to stop tying VR headsets with Facebook accounts

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office will continue investigating whether Meta has unlawfully tied its virtual reality products to its social media platform, despite the company deciding to no longer force its Meta Quest headset users to set up a Facebook account.

24 November 2022

Future EU class actions could enforce a blend of data laws

The Representative Actions Directive could see multiple pieces of legislation brought together in single private enforcement cases, a European Commission official has said.

21 November 2022

hiQ case against LinkedIn narrowed ahead of trial

A San Francisco federal judge has entered summary judgment on multiple grounds against hiQ as part of a long-running scraping dispute with LinkedIn.

07 November 2022

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