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An insight into the data trade

Shortly after XLP Capital’s Matt Stack stole the show during a Data Business Congress panel on dealing with data, GDR spoke to him about how he finds and gathers information.

12 February 2020

Data Business Congress: the data buyer’s view

An investor has said the introduction of the GDPR has led to an upsurge in the “underground market” for datasets – and that some jurisdictions are setting themselves up to make that trade easier.

10 February 2020

GDPR stunts EU economic growth, report finds

Academics say the GDPR has harmed the bloc’s startup economy, affecting both inbound and domestic venture investment.

31 January 2020

Antitrust lawsuit attacks Facebook data model

A US federal lawsuit has accused Facebook of illegally blocking rivals from accessing its data, coercing competing platforms into sharing their data, and protecting its market dominance by acquiring rivals.

17 January 2020

Fitness and data: the new frontier?

Equator marketing and innovation director Martin Jordan explores the implications of the Google/Fitbit deal.

11 December 2019

Google accused of serving scraped lyric data

A company that has built up a database of millions of song lyrics has said Google illicitly presents the data it has compiled on its search results, and has sued the tech company as well as the alleged supplier of the data in New York.

05 December 2019

AT&T holds vendor accountable for hacking

AT&T says an outsourced call centre provider’s failure to properly flow cybersecurity obligations down to a subcontractor led to its systems being hacked.

21 November 2019

Australian enforcer sceptical about Google/Fitbit and Calibra commitments

The head of Australia’s antitrust watchdog has expressed doubts about data-related promises Google has made during its acquisition of Fitbit – as well as Facebook statements about its use of personal data in the rollout of its Calibra cryptocurrency wallet.

19 November 2019

DOJ cybercrime enforcer heads to EY deals team

A former senior prosecutor at the US Department of Justice has moved to EY’s cyber transactions unit.

13 November 2019

Interview: data commercialisation with Alex Brown

Law firm Simmons & Simmons recently carried out a survey identifying the habits of “data laggards” and “data leaders”. The firm’s TMT head Alex Brown spoke to GDR about data commercialisation and its interplay with compliance efforts.

12 November 2019

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